When Roger hits the Zombie (Tom Savini) with his truck,you can see a little trampoline for a short moment.


Biker Sledge (Taso Stavrakis) hits a female Zombie and she falls on the floor in front of a tipi. After Sledge hits another zombie the tipi cants in the direction of the female zombie. she quickly awakes and rolls aside.


At the end of the bikers pillage Peter shots one biker (Larry Vaira) from the bike. The biker felt onto the asphalt but his blood was already there.


Look at the keys! Peter threw them on the floor - in the next scene they are still at the door.


Roger got a blood bath after the blonde zombie (Jennifer Jeffries) was hit by Peterīs bullet. In the next scene heīs bright and clean...did he take a quick shower?


After Wooley was shot by Peter he fell on the floor and lost his weapons. The young officer took the revolver but it laid mirror-inverted.


This one is very funny! You can see the crew in the background (red circle)


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