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Titel: Len Barnhart
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Hello everyone,
My name is Len Barnhart and as some of you know I've written a couple zombie books. Markus was kind enough to add a forum devoted to those books and I am more than happy to visit here from time-to-time and answer any questions. I'm a bit better at reading and writing english than German so bear with me.

I live in Virginia about 60 miles West of Washington D.C.  My home is in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  If it isn't covered with asphalt, it's green!

The third installment of the Reign of the Dead trilogy will be available in 2005. It was originally planned to be named "Reign of the Dead: OUTBREAK!" However, the new Resident Evil game is called "outbreak." So, it has been changed to "Reign of the Dead: ZERO HOUR"

"ZERO HOUR" is a prequel to the other two. It takes place in New York City and opens with the 1st known case of reanimation. It is very fast!  Lots of action.

There's a couple of updates...
--Reign of the Dead will soon be available in hardcover.
--Issue 1 of the Reign of the Dead comic will be available in April.
--Teeshirts will soon be available as well

I'm also looking forward to the New Dawn of the Dead movie! I've read the latest script and know some pretty meaty tidbits of info about it.  I guess it's close enough to showtime now that I can spill my guts on some of what I know about that as well.


My website is:
Talk soon,

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 07. März 2004, 02:12:16
If you mean why did I write a book about zombies?

Well, for starters, I'm a big fan of the genre.  Romero's zombie movies are more about survival and human interaction in a time of crisis than it is gore or horror.  I still find it difficult to classify them as simply horror. "Hardcore Science Fiction" sounds more precise. I've always been a fan of apocalyptic stories. Zombies are the ultimate apocalyptic/action movie.

I wanted to write about something that I didn't have to research. I also wanted to write about something that I would enjoy doing every page. I did enjoy every page of "Reign"

I also considered writing a Star Trek Novel. But, the bookstore shelves are always full of Star Trek books. Nonetheless, I wanted that same ease of reading style.  Reign of the Dead is an easy read. It's for the horror fan that doesn't want to be tied down to a book for a long time.  It's for the zombie fan that doesn't want to think too much about what he is reading. He just wants to be entertained and thrilled. I've been told by many readers that my books gave them that same feeling they had when watching Romero's zombie movies. That's great! I know that feeling. Sadly, that is one thing I've lost since writing the books. I no longer have zombie nightmares and the movies don't bother me in the same way either. I guess I grew too familiar with it.  The upcoming prequel will be my last zombie story.  ¡Kno really! ƒº

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Doc_Foster am 07. März 2004, 15:15:17
Hi Len,

nice to have you here. Although I must admit that I've never read any of your books, I only heard good things about them.

So what can you tell us about the "Dawn" remake? And what are your thoughts on Romero's original trilogy?


Doc Foster

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Amoebe am 07. März 2004, 23:02:52
Hi Len,

i welcmome you to our "Dawn-Family".
I´ve heard many good things about your book too, but i have never read them, cause i have some problems to read books/ novelles in english.
And now my question: Did you have contacts with german Editors, who will sell your Books in german language?

Greets Amoebe

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 10. März 2004, 01:48:10
Thanks for the welcome.  I'll try to answer all your Qs.

The remake compared to the original....
Well, the original is a classic in every sense of the word.  It is literally movie magic and true film art. There will never be a horror movie that rates better in my mind than the original Dawn of the DEAD.

The remake while I've yet to see the entire movie stands the chance to be very, very good.  Everything that I didn't like in James Gunn's first draft didn't make it to the final version of the script. I'm not knocking Gunn's version. The movie is still in essance what he had intended it to be.  However, there were spots that I didn't think would translate well to film. I am happy to say that the final cut of the script is very good. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

I'm not sure if there are versions in German. I'll check into it and let you know.  It is available in PDF E-Book.  You may be able to get it translated using a program ..not sure how well that would turn out.

I was inspired to write Reign of the dead by my love of the genre.  Romero's zombie stories make the best End of the World movies!  ...and I am a big fan of apocalyptic stories.  Stephen King's "The Stand" is one of my all-time favorite books.

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 10. März 2004, 23:35:42
The script used for the Comic books was the one written for Mirimax Films.  About a year ago I was contacted by Mirimax studios about "Reign of the Dead."  Project co-ordinator: Michael Grady had read the book and liked it. He asked me if I could write a script and send it to him.  I said sure.  As a matter of fact, I have one already written and I would send it out immediately.
The one sent first was very much like the book.  After reading it he suggested several changes.  The result was a new script built from the ground up.  It was faster, more brutal, and suited better for film.  This is the same script more-or-less used to build the six issue comic series.  Things unfold differently than in the book, but the overall feel is the same.

Sergio Soto from New York, New York did the artwork and cover.  Sergio is your classic comic-style artist as you can see if you look at any of the pages to issue 1 displayed on the site.   Issue one will introduce characters, etc... but issue 2 will really get into things and I don't believe it lets up from then on out.
Issue 1 will be available April 1st from the webpage and other outlets.  I believe the price will be $3.99 per issue + Shipping and handling.  More info will be posted in the coming weeks.

I was checking out the demo copy of issue one last week and It looks sharp.  

Also, I believe Issue 1 of the new "Dawn of the Dead" comic is due to be released in April as well.  The cover has my friend (Lenny Lies') alter-ego "Machete Zombie" on it in red negative.  It looks cool. I think I'll get those when I do the Pittsburgh Comicon this April.

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Fraenklin am 16. März 2004, 14:12:29
Hi Len,

a late but a warm "WELCOME" to our community on ""

Did you read my book finally?

Best regards,

Frank Koenig, aka Fraenklin (

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Fraenklin am 16. März 2004, 14:23:52
Hallo Leute,

ich hatte Len Barnhart, nachdem ich sein erstes Buch und die beiden Scripts zu "REIGN OF THE DEAD" gelesen hatte, einige Fragen gestellt.

Hier das kurze Interview:

Answers to questions follow....

After reading your novel I have the impression that your zombies, I think the whole story, was inspired by the  "Dead" trilogy from George A. Romero. Is that right?

A: Yes, I pay tribute to him in my acknowledgements in  "Apocalypse End: Reign of the Dead".  His zombies in my opinion are the blueprint.

What do you think about the zombies? Are there any backgrounds to write a zombie novel 17 years after Romero's last  "zombie adventures". Okay, my
English is not good enough to understand every word or line in the story, but are there any ironics or social criticism between the lines?

A: Certainly, Though your interpretation may differ from mine. They also differ from one book to the next.  In  "Apocalypse End" it delves into aspects of racial divides. The things that survive the fall of civilization... Rats, roaches and racism. In the 1st book my lack of faith
in organized religion is apparent; I do, however, have a stong faith.
If the script will be filmed what do you think how high the budget must be and what is the best location to shoot the movie? Do you prefer the good old zombies (DOTD, NIGHT, DAY) created by Savini or Greg Nicotero or the RESIDENT EVIL CGI FX ghouls.

A:... I strongly prefer the old zombies I admire the work of Savini and Nicotero.  As to budget, the more the better.  One million would probably do it, but 10 million would do it so much better. I'll leave that to the experts to figure out.
I have seen on you website that there will be a third part of  "REIGN". Can you write me something about?

A:... It is a prequel to  "Reign of the Dead" It takes place in New York City and begins with the first known reanimation. It moves faster than the other two books.  So far it has been non-stop action. I am beginning to think this may be my best effort yet. Imagine being stuck inside New York City with 10 million zombies between you and escape!

Thanks again for the book.  I'm looking forward to reading it,

Ich habe dies hier nur zur Orientierung gepostet, damit Ihr wißt, was schon gefragt wurde.


Fraenklin (

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 22. März 2004, 05:59:22
Hi Frank,
I've read your book (what I could understand in German) from front to back I like it very much.  It is very visual.  We have an extensive library at my home and it is displayed proudly there.

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Fraenklin am 26. März 2004, 13:43:28
Hi Frank,
I've read your book (what I could understand in German) from front to back I like it very much.  It is very visual.  We have an extensive library at my home and it is displayed proudly there.

Thank you, Len.
Your books and the scripts of "REIGN OF THE DEAD" are also displayed in my library.

By the way, are there any news about  shooting one of the scripts?
Are there new contacts to other production companies after the refusal of "Brave New Works" in Hamburg/Germany? I'm very dissapointed about their decision. We talked a lot about "REIGN", but finaly they will spend their money in some German/European amateur  and semi professional slasher and backwood movies. The chairman said to me that there is a big problem with zombie movies in Germany and the sponsors give the money just for some people like director Olaf Ittenbach. And believe me, his movies are very bad, but extremly bloody. I cannot understand them. Giving money to Ittenbach is like burning the money.
Okay, he isn't so bad as I write it here, but I am a little bit frustrated about "BNW". I think the way to get money from "BNW" can be only if Ittenbach would be the director. And in my opinion  this is ridiculous.

Last weekend I have seen the International premiere of the remake of "DAWN OF THE DEAD". I was very astonished how good the movie was. In my eyes it was not only a remake, it was also a homage to Romero. The only thinks that disturbs me are the title and the running zombies. But maybe the director Zack Snider is right: new times, new zombies!  Maybe the MTV-Generation needs this kind of zombies. Did you see that movie lately this week?

Best regards and a happy weekend,

Fraenklin (

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 30. März 2004, 04:58:50
I did see the movie.  I think it is a very entertaining movie.  nicely done.
Not as good as the original.  The original was magic!

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Fraenklin am 08. April 2004, 09:19:45
Not as good as the original.  The original was magic!

Yeah! That's the reason why we're all here in the forum.

What kind of stuff do you want to sell in Pittsburgh on the Comicon? How much is the hardcover copy of your book and how much is the comic? Are there all issues or just the No. 1 ?

Grüezi and best regards,

Fraenklin (

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 10. April 2004, 03:50:03
I think the Hardcover is about $27  I'm not sure. I don't set the prices and I've not checked into it. I think there's a link to get it on the site.
I'll have the paperback of both books and issue 1 of the comic at the comicon. I'm hoping issue 2 will be out by the end of MaY.  How many of you are coming to the comicon?

Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Fraenklin am 24. September 2004, 19:04:52
Hi Len,

are there any related news for shooting your script of "REIGN OF THE DEAD"?

Best regards,


Titel: Len Barnhart
Beitrag von: Gast am 01. März 2007, 07:27:35
There are plans in the works but it is sketchy right now. Hopefully, it will come to be one day.  
Right now I'm working hard to make sure "OUTBREAK" is a good thing and released before I'm old and gray.