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Titel: Condition DEAD
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und noch ein neues projekt. diesmal von tyrese gibson (2 fast 2 furious)

[25.04.2007] CS! berichtet ├╝ber Tyrese Gibson's Zombie-Projekt "Condition Dead"...
Hot off the set of the action-packed summer release Transformers, internationally-renowned actor and musician Tyrese Gibson will step into the role of producer for the new action-thriller zombie film Condition Dead - a no-holds barred zombie film in the vein of James Cameron's Aliens (1986).
Clint Morris (Between the Sand and the Sky, Howl) and Rock Shaink (The Seed, 12th Man) will produce alongside Gibson, under the actor's HQ Pictures moniker.
Genre veteran, Patrick Lussier, fresh off Rogue's White Noise: The Light, is attached to helm the picture. As a director/writer/editor, Lussier has also worked on the films Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Scream and Dracula 2000.
Script, which centers on an elite team of government-subsidized zombie-hunters who are mysteriously ambushed by a viscous new breed of zombie, was written by tyro scribe Dave Davis.
Lead producer on the project, Los Angeles based Shaink says, "Being a big fan of the genre (zombie films), I'm extremely excited to have found a project that brings something new to the world, and that gives us one hell of a great ride doing so."