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Autor Thema: Martin´s Haus wird verkauft  (Gelesen 5242 mal)
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Tony Buba
It is with very mixed feelings and a heavy heart that our family has decided to put our Braddock house up for sale. Last February a fire caused severe damage to the 105 year old home and extensive renovation work has just been completed. We originally thought that our mother would be able to move back to Braddock but at 90, we decided that it would be best that she not live alone. So unfortunately, we have to sell.
The Victorian style duplex was built by the McCory family in 1897. My family purchased the house in 1945 and became only the second family to ever live there. The house has quite a place in movie history and was used as a location for several films. My early films Washing Walls with Mrs. G, No Pets, and the newest, Playing to an Empty House were shot there. But it is best known as being the home of Tata Cuda in George Romero's classic vampire film, Martin. Tom Savini's well placed stake went through Martin's heart in the bedroom where my brother and I slept as kids. While they were filming that scene, my grandmother was downstairs saying a rosary.
The house is filled with many happy memories. My grandmother and mother were great cooks and we shared wonderful meals and much laughter at the kitchen table with family and friends. Throughout the years some of those friends included George Romero, John Harrison, John Amplas, Congressional Medal of Honor winner Leonard Funk, Tom Savini, Dusty Nelson, Nicky Mastandrea. Thelma Schoonmaker--academy award winning editor of Raging Bull, The Aviator and The Departed-- would come over on weekends to take cooking lessons from my grandmother. (Those of you who have not seen “Hugo”, go now).

 Attached are photos of the house. If anyone is interested purchasing this historic home contact Lisa Baldwin at Caldwell Banker.
 Office: 412-363-4000, Direct 412-363-4000 x244
 Cell: 412-60509857

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